Riverdale, The Bronx, 2022Sunnyside, QueensWest Village roof 2021West Village roof 2021Vines on Wall, West Village, 2022 Clematis flower in midtown.Accross the street from Palazzo Chupi in the West Village.Hydrangeas and Echinaceas in the West Village.East Village condo roofEast Village condo roof.New York, Madison and 37th str.Soho roof, 2022Soho roof, 2022Soho roof, 2022Dogwood tree and shrubs on West 11th Street.Echinacea and bees, West Village.Hydrangeas under Empire State building.Astoria, Queens back yard.Astoria, Queens back yard.Bees feasting on Echinaceas with midtown in the background. East Village condo roof.Echinaceas and Hydrangeas, West Village.New York, w. 11th strNew York, w. 11th strHydrangeas on Fifth Ave.New York, w. 11th strNew York, Madison and 37th str.Brooklyn HeightsPalm trees in SoHo courtyard.Caroll Gardens backyard Tulips.New York, w. 11th strNew York, w. 11th strLower East SideLower East Side.Brooklyn Heights  after installation.Brooklyn Heights installed.Tribeca Lincoln Center areaNew York, Madison and 37th str.Marigolds and Begonias on the 27th floor, West Village230 FIFTH AVE, RESTAURANT / BAR230 FIFTH AVE, RESTAURANT / BARWest Village Ferns and Palm Tree installation.